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How many movers do I need for my move?

The number of crew members assigned to assist you will depend on the size of your move. Generally, a one-bedroom apartment would require a 3-man crew, but we can arrange for larger teams if necessary. In order to provide you with the best service possible, please provide us with as much information as possible about your move. This includes details such as the size of the move, specific items involved, number of locations involved, and any other helpful information. You can conveniently fill out our form here to receive a free estimate or give us a call at (512) 553-1153. We are available to assist you!

How accurate is the moving estimate?

Here comes the teamwork. Our skilled estimators will accurately estimate the time required, suggest the ideal crew size, and provide a price quote. To ensure accuracy, we kindly request the following details:

1. Move size (e.g., one-bedroom)

2. Number of locations to visit (including storage)

3. Quantity of boxes

4. Number of stairs at each location

5. Availability of elevators

6. Any heavy items requiring special attention

7. Need for packing/unpacking services

Don't worry about remembering everything - our estimators will ask during consultation! We value your trust as our partner throughout this journey, starting from estimation phase. Please note a 5% discrepancy allowance in estimates. For example: If we estimate moving 25 boxes from your garage and find exactly that amount upon arrival - no surprises! We'll handle up to 5 additional boxes without altering the original quote. However, if we discover extra boxes in another room or previously unknown rooms, adjustments to the initial quote are necessary. This highlights why teamwork is crucial - close collaboration ensures a perfectly accurate estimate!

What are your service areas?

For Local moves, we serve Austin, Buda/Hays, Bee Cave, Barton Springs, Cedar Park, Dripping Springs, Georgetown, Hutto, Lake Travis, Leander, Liberty Hill, Manor, Marble Falls, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Wimberley, Wyldwood and all neighborhood areas. 

We also provide long-distance moving services. 

What if I have more items than what was quoted?

If you realize that your inventory has increased or if you have decided to add an additional stop, please contact us with your booking number so that we can update your quote to reflect the changes. Please keep in mind that any last-minute requests which significantly increase the size of your move should be communicated before our moving crew arrives. This will allow us to come prepared and plan accordingly. In the event that our crew arrives and discovers that the inventory list is larger than what was quoted, here is how we handle it: we allow for a 5% discrepancy and may need to adjust the quote if there are additional items, rooms, or locations that were not previously disclosed.

What if I’d like to cancel my move? 

If you, for any reason, need to cancel your reservation, give us a 48-hour notice, so we can keep our trucks busy. 


Who should I call during the move if any problems arise?

Please call MoverTron Office at: (512) 553-1153

How will the movers know what to take and what to leave?

Our moving crew will arrive with the bill of lading, as well as a detailed inventory list and your moving quote. Prior to commencing the packing and moving process, our team foreman will kindly request a tour of your space to confirm all the details and inquire about any items you may be leaving behind.

How far ahead should I plan and book my move?

We suggest obtaining quotations 3-4 weeks before your move and securing a booking at least 3-4 weeks in advance. This approach will enable your moving team to efficiently plan and organize all aspects of the move. Furthermore, it will afford you ample time to adequately prepare for the relocation.


How is pricing calculated?

Our pricing is determined by several factors, including:

- The size of your place (or places) 

- The size of your inventory list 

- The accessibility of your place (including stairs, elevators, and floor level)

- Any special requirements you may have (such as extra packing)

- The presence of heavy items

- The distance between locations

- The date and time of the move

To receive a complimentary price quote, please fill out the form found at: Free Quote. Alternatively, you can reach us by phone at: (512) 553-1153.

Do I have to be present while movers work?

You or your representative (please provide the full name of your representative prior to the move) will be required to meet the foreman and discuss the specifics of your move, such as the inventory list, addresses, packing, etc. Additionally, we will also need you (or a representative) to review everything with our foreman once your move is completed.


Can I pay a couple of days later after my move? 

Unfortunately, not. We require a payment to be made once your move is completed. 

Which payment methods do you accept? 

We accept cash and all major credit cards: Visa, Master Card, AMEX, and Discover. We do not accept personal or business checks. 


Do I have to tip my moving crew? 

Tipping is completely based on your satisfaction and is not an obligation. If you are fully satisfied with your moving crew's performance, we recommend tipping your movers’ crew. 


Is tipping included in the total amount of my move? 

No, tips are not included in your final bill. Tipping is completely up to the client's discretion. If you are fully satisfied with your moving crew's performance, we recommend tipping your movers’ crew


Do you offer insurance for my items? 

As per the Department of Transportation regulations, your belongings will be automatically protected under the free BASIC coverage of $0.60 per pound per article (item). However, you have the option to further insure your items through a third-party insurance company, where you can select the desired level of liability and deductible. We suggest considering for this purpose.


Is MoverTron Licensed and Insured? 

MoverTron Moving is fully licensed, and insured and is operating in compliance with all federal and local laws and regulations

Still have questions? 

If you have any other questions or would like to get any additional information, please don't hesitate to Contact Us

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