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How to Calculate Cost of Living Before Relocating to Your New Home?

Thinking about moving? It's smart to look at how the cost of living differs from one city to another to get the full scope of what your expenses might be. Hold off on choosing a moving company until you're sure you can afford the lifestyle in your new area.

To really understand what it'll cost to live somewhere new, you've got to get into the nitty-gritty of what you need and want. Start by listing out your must-haves and then do a bit of sleuthing to see how your current living costs stack up against those in the place you're considering moving to. To nail down a realistic estimate of living expenses, start with the overall cost comparisons and gradually narrow it down to reflect your personal situation.

Check Out City Living Costs with an Online Comparison Tool

Check out how pricey one city is compared to another with some cool online tools. Loads of websites out there can quickly show you the difference in living costs between two places.

Most of these tools use something called a cost of living index. Think of it like a big scoreboard where 100 is the average cost of living across the country. If a city's cost of living is higher than average, it scores over 100. If it's cheaper, it'll be under 100. Every point up or down from 100 shows how much more or less expensive it is compared to the national average.

Here are a few websites that can help you figure out the cost of living in your future city: BankRate, SmartAsset, NerdWallet, Forbes.

Explore a New City's Costs on Your Own

A city's cost of living index can give you a ballpark figure of what expenses might look like. But to really tailor this info to your life, you've got to zoom in on your personal needs.

Say you've got your eye on a few neighborhoods. Dive into the specifics by checking out housing prices and local property taxes there. And as you get more into the details of moving, think about other costs that might change. Will getting around be more expensive? What about insurance rates? Are you considering private schooling or maybe you're moving into a bigger place and need more furniture? These are the kinds of questions that can help you figure out what your new life might cost.

What to Check Out Before You Move: A Handy List


Dive into housing costs with platforms like Zillow or Trulia, and don’t overlook the insight local experts and housing bodies can offer.


Utility bills can be a surprise, so get the lowdown from utility providers and local or state resources for an accurate picture of your monthly outgoings.


Understanding food costs is crucial, from supermarket browsing to checking out local eateries online, supplemented by official stats on regional food spending.


For those with kids, knowing childcare rates is key. Contact local services and explore websites for a comprehensive view of what you’ll be spending.


Don’t forget to budget for fun. Local businesses, tourist sites, and event guides can help you estimate leisure expenses.


Insurance costs can vary widely, so gather quotes based on your new locale, considering all factors that affect your premium.


In denser areas, parking can eat into your budget significantly. Research local regulations and costs to avoid surprises.


An understanding of local income levels, accessible through salary databases, offers context for the cost of living and helps in financial planning.

Smart Moves: Navigating New City Costs

Getting a solid grip on the living costs of your new city can do wonders for your planning and might even save you some cash if you find out it's pricier than expected. Leveraging online calculators, shooting the breeze with future neighbors, breaking down your budget, and sketching out your upcoming year or two can set you up nicely for this exciting new chapter.

MoverTron Moving is thrilled to be part of your journey to a new city. We're here to handle the heavy lifting, ensuring your relocation is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our goal is for you to focus on the excitement of exploring your new surroundings and making your new house a home. Reach out for a free quote today, and let us take the hassle off your shoulders. It's time for you to sit back, relax, and look forward to all the new memories you'll be creating.

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