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Moving from LA to Austin? Here's what you should know.

Austin and Los Angeles stand out uniquely in their respective states, reflected in their slogans "Keep Austin Weird" and "La La Land." These slogans weren't given to these cities by chance. Both are vibrant metropolises with a distinct, unconventional rhythm, setting them apart from nearby cities and counties. Although LA and Austin share similarities in how they differ from other cities in their states, it's intriguing to consider how they compare directly to each other.


Here's a cost-of-living comparison breakdown according to Numbeo:


  • Consumer Prices in Los Angeles, CA are 20.9% higher than in Austin, TX (without rent)

  • Consumer Prices Including Rent in Los Angeles, CA are 23.3% higher than in Austin, TX

  • Rent Prices in Los Angeles, CA are 26.8% higher than in Austin, TX

  • Restaurant Prices in Los Angeles, CA are 19.7% higher than in Austin, TX

  • Groceries Prices in Los Angeles, CA are 16.9% higher than in Austin, TX

  • Local Purchasing Power in Los Angeles, CA is 3.4% lower than in Austin, TX

LA or Austin? Let's find out what makes them unique and so different. 

Austin and Los Angeles are distinct in their character and lifestyle, as epitomized by their contrasting symbols: Tex Mex vs. Sushi, Truck vs. Convertible, Cowboy vs. Surfer. While Los Angeles, home to over ten times Austin's population, boasts 88 cities within its county and the allure of the Pacific Coast for beach lovers and surfers, Austin, nestled in Texas Hill Country, offers a slower pace, lighter traffic, and a more pronounced southern charm. The size difference is notable, with Austin being smaller and part of Travis County, known for its expansive outdoor spaces.

The traffic experience in these cities is markedly different. In Los Angeles, notorious for its heavy traffic, the average commute is longer compared to Austin's relatively easier traffic situation. Every minute counts, and in Austin, you save five precious minutes on average during your commute compared to LA.

Los Angeles, the heart of Hollywood's glitz and glamour, magnetizes young hopefuls dreaming of fame, be it in acting, music, or modeling. The city offers diverse avenues to chase these dreams, with many aspiring for a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The success stories emerging from LA provide inspiration and hope for up-and-coming actors.

Conversely, Austin's vibrant music scene, with over 250 live music venues and numerous record labels, draws aspiring musicians. Known for its grassroots music culture and legendary figures like Stevie Ray Vaughn and Willie Nelson, Austin fosters a space where musicians aim for authentic expression over mainstream success. The city's lively, local, and underground music scene has been a breeding ground for talent, leading to the inception of major festivals like South by Southwest (SXSW) and Austin City Limits. SXSW has evolved into a multi-faceted conference, showcasing not just music but also film and interactive media.

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