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Moving from LA to Dallas? Here's what you should know.

Dallas and Los Angeles are two distinct and unique cities, each offering its own set of experiences and lifestyles. Deciding which one is better suited for you depends entirely on your personal preferences and priorities. To assist you in making this important decision, MoverTron has conducted a brief research focusing on various aspects, starting with the cost of living. This comparison aims to provide you with valuable insights, helping you determine which city aligns more closely with your needs and aspirations.


Here's a cost-of-living comparison breakdown according to Numbeo:


  • Consumer Prices in Los Angeles, CA are 15.0% higher than in Dallas, TX (without rent)

  • Consumer Prices Including Rent in Los Angeles, CA are 24.5% higher than in Dallas, TX

  • Rent Prices in Los Angeles, CA are 40.1% higher than in Dallas, TX

  • Restaurant Prices in Los Angeles, CA are 31.3% higher than in Dallas, TX

  • Groceries Prices in Los Angeles, CA are 16.4% higher than in Dallas, TX

  • Local Purchasing Power in Los Angeles, CA is 3.1% lower than in Dallas, TX

LA or Dallas? Let's find out what's better for you.

Both Dallas and Los Angeles are attractive living destinations, each with its own set of advantages tailored to various lifestyles and priorities. When it comes to making a decision, it's essential to weigh these unique aspects.

Starting with population and size, Los Angeles is the larger of the two, housing 4,043,740 residents within its 503 sq. miles (1,302 sq. km.) territory. The metropolis extends to accommodate a total of 13,299,763 people. Dallas, though significant, is smaller in comparison, with 1,345,047 inhabitants across 385 sq. miles (997 sq. km.) and a metropolitan population of 7,637,330. 

Los Angeles's prominence comes from its status as a major hub for economics, culture, and entertainment in the United States. Known for its iconic film industry, diverse economic landscape, and urban development, it draws a wide array of people seeking vibrant lifestyles and varied job opportunities. Dallas, while a major city with strengths in technology, telecommunications, and finance, does not match Los Angeles in terms of population or metropolitan extent.

In terms of affordability and job market, Dallas emerges as a more budget-friendly option, especially when compared to the cost of living in Los Angeles. However, if cultural diversity and a lifestyle that favors walkability are your priorities, Los Angeles might be the more suitable choice. 

Ultimately, both cities offer unique experiences. Your choice between Dallas and Los Angeles will hinge on what you value more in a city - whether it's Dallas's affordability and job market or Los Angeles's diverse culture and lifestyle.

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